IOG Order of Service 
May 15, 2020
It is unbelievable that Pentecost 2020 is rapidly approaching on Saturday, at sundown May 30th. The Israel of God will again continue to follow the law’s of land and maintain their social distancing mandates. 
We will also continue to stream out the Sabbath day lesson as in pass weeks. As you should now know Pastor Buie will be doing live streaming with a small support group to make this happen weekly. 
All of the IOG facilities will remain closed until further notice. I imagine the open announcement will be very good news whenever it happens. Until then Brother Buie asks that all of us to watch and pray. 
We know that families managed the last High Day’s and made a bad environment work in praising the God of Israel. It’s for certain you will do the same thing dreaded year for the Feast of Pentecost. Enjoy the Lord of the Sabbath. Jesus. 
God has been merciful during this current pandemic. I am sure everyone knows that this new highly infectiousness COVID-19 will be with be mankind here on out. Actually, this strain of disease origins could be ancient for all we know. The Lord could be revealing it for a time as this.
If man would be practicing the science of clean dietary laws, maybe this current environment wouldn’t be as bad as we’re experiencing. But we are and by our prayers we will remain in good courage to sensibly navigate through it to its end. May God continue to bless all of you Christian Israelites. 
Be safe until we meet at the appointed time.  – Elder Hoover


Please stay at home for the feasts.

All tithes can be paid online via PayPal or can be mailed in, which ever is convenient.

The health of our members and employees is paramount, so while we apologize for this inconvenience, we believe it is the right thing to do at this time.


In the meantime, we encourage you to visit our website at and download our free mobile app at for Sabbath Day Live, Wednesday Night and Friday Night Services.

During this time we will continue to have maintenance and janitorial crews on duty so that when we reopen, be assured we have done everything to ensure our churches are ready for your return.



COVID-19 Response Information for The Israel of God: Our leaders are working closely together, as well as monitoring local, state, and federal recommendations, to ensure the ongoing safety of our community. Click the "Learn More" button for details.